Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Women Should Be Allowed To Do

I have spent years trying to get conservatives to provide a checklist stating what activities and traits women are supposed to have and which ones we're supposed to avoid. I want a concrete definition of "feminine," straight from the self-described experts on the subject. Mostly what I get are Potter Stewart blathers about, well, stuff. So, I'm going to ask the Internet for help on this subject. I've learned from one John C. Wright that that being taller than a man isn't feminine. All women really long for someone taller, which would surprise a number of Hollywood starlets who married short and ugly producers, but maybe starlets aren't good study subjects.

The Wright article is one giant pile of fail, which deserves a longer take-down, but I'm slowing returning to blogging so this is just the beginning.


Coleslaw said...

Okay, I tried to read that article by John C. Wright, I really did, but there is only so much a woman can take. Especially a woman who is supposed to be shorter, weaker, and slower than the estimable Mr. Wright

StevoR said...

Nice post Karen the women have to be shorter thing . is just *facepalm* What are taller women supoose dto do - amputate their feet or something! :-o ;-)

- Flying sardines
(Here via Slacktivist)

MTimonin said...

Oh, gods, John C. Wright - he's the one who got all bothered because gay men were on Syfy, and that was totally icky, and shouldn't be allowed and stuff. His attitudes towards women don't surprise me at all. Bleh.

And it's sad, because I read his Orphans of Chaos books, and they didn't suck, but cannot re-read because they would suck now.