Friday, December 11, 2009

"Inside Catholic" once again announces Women Stink

Once again "Inside Catholic" publishes an article devoted to the most important element in Christianity -- the idea that Women Suck.

In this article, the writer discusses how she learned to submit to her husband's desire to own a motorcycle and take it on an extremely dangerous drive. Now, please note that this isn't part of Superhubby's job, it's just something the old boy does for fun. Several thousand dollars worth of fun, but just fun. The writer learns that her husband needs to spend thousands of dollars and risk his life because, well, he's man and men need this.

Now, I have no real issue with people who have expensive hobbies, but Hubby here ignores his wife's pleas and quite legitimate concerns about his safety for his own recreation. Because the author is a Catholic, she submits to Hubby's idiocy with zero expectation that she'll get anything in return. This is the most perfect explanation of why complementarianism is an evil doctrine. She'll never get to spend that much money on herself; she'll never get to indulge her desire for, well, anything.

Complementarians assert that women get as much out of their deal as men do, but they lie. This woman's husband is never going to allow her to have an expensive hobby. Her desires will never be considered; it's always his. He gets his motorcycle and she gets nada, because she's a woman and no man could possibly be expected to listen to her useless babble. No woman ever says anything interesting; her interests are worthless hobbies far less significant that televised sports or expensive motorcycles. Men just have to learn to endure women.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why I Hate Complementarianism

This article from Inside Cathloic attempts to present a particularly toxic doctrine called "complementarianism" as a form of humor. The writer goes to the hardware store to buy an extension cord and fails miserably because she's a silly girl and can't be expected to understand the Einsteinian complexities of extension cords. Apparently she also can't read or write, and therefore is excused from writing down the specifications and taking the note to the store with her. This is all supposed to be a real laugh riot.

The philosophy she demonstrates is called "complementarianism" which teaches that men and women are completely, utterly, and irreconcilably different, and men are supposed to be in charge of everything. The advocates of this view sugarcoat their doctrine by claiming that men and women are equal in dignity but unequal in roles. Men are supposed to be "active" and women are "receptive." Men and women do different things, but they're supposed to be equally useful. In practice, it never works that way.

This article from the same website discusses "Catholic maniliness," but the same arguments apply to other faiths as well. What interests men is important and what interests women isn't. The writer of this article blames feminists for all sorts of horrors inflicted in a church that has no women whatsoever in its hierarchy. Felt banners and bad music are somehow uniquely a female vice, not simply bad taste demonstrated frequently by both sexes. If men were in charge, all this long list of horrible things wouldn't have happened.

The original linked article is the same way. The "I'm a complete idiot who can't make a shopping list, and all women are exactlyl as stupid as I am" is the only subject the writer, one Danielle Bean, ever publishes. She's actually written for a number of magazines but apparently never gets paid for it because . . . . No, of course she gets paid. She gets paid for presenting herself as a perfect epitome of Womanhood, all members of whom are morons. The skills she uses to make this case -- a command of language, organization, the ability to make time to write the article -- are the precise opposite of the dimwitted persona she presents in all her articles, but no reader would ever get that message. That women have to hide their talents even as they express them is the poison of "complementarianism."

Complementarians claim that the only want to support long-term happy marriages, but they do that by positing that men and women really have nothing in common. What they really want is for men to feel superior to women. Men and women have different interests. Men are bored by what interests women and women are baffled -- too stupid to appreciate -- by anything that interests men. This dynamic appears over and over again. When women demonstrate a skill, it's always ascribed to some natural, accidental or unintentional ability, never to logic, effort, or hard work. Men are masters of linear logic; women just sort of pop up with stuff. Somehow, men will enjoy a lifetime with a boring nitwit. Women don't have the mental capacity to enjoy anything.

The worst idea complementarians peddle stems for their idea of men as logical and women as illogical; that men need respect in a relationship and women don't. They don't phrase it that way. The usually say that women need love and men need respect, but what kind of love doesn't have respect as a component? It does not speak well of complementarians that they believe women don't need anyone to acknowledge their accomplishments. My interpretation of this is that they believe they don't believe women HAVE any accomplishments. It's one more way of telling women we're dim. Don't attempt to think, dear, it'll hurt your pretty head.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things for which I'm grateful

In a year in which the country has been visited by three of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse -- War, in Iraq and Afghanistan; Famine, in the form of 9% unemployment and the first actual GDP contraction of my adult life; Plague, swine flu -- and in which my governor has announced his desire to secede to avoid a 2% increase in the top marginal tax rate, it's sometimes really hard to find reasons to be grateful. This morning I found one.
> Michelle Bachmann is NOT from Texas.
> Michelle Bachmann is a member of Congress from Minnesota, a state generally not known for electing crazies. Granted, Jesse Ventura was unusual, but he was only annoying, not actually certifiable. One can't really say that about Representative Bachmann. If it were only her wackjob opinions, I might be inclined to ignore her and continue being envious of Minnesota's record of electing bland, inoffensive and ineffective lawmakers. But in this case, she's not only crazy, she is willing to admit publicly that she lives in an alternate universe.
> Yesterday, on C-SPAN, she noted that the last swine flu outbreak occurred under a Democratic president. Both Representative Bachmann and I were alive then and old enough to know who was the President. In my world, that president was Gerald Ford, but apparently in Representative Bachman's Earth 2, Jimmy Carter was Richard Nixon's VP and took office in 1974. (Being something of a DC comics geek, I have to wonder if Representative Bachmann will use her Canary Cry on the floor of the House someday to get a bill passed.)
> Today was even better. I remember discussions of the Smoot Hawley tariff both from high school, and from Ben Stein's scene in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." (Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?) This was enacted in 1929, sponsored by two Republicans, and signed by Herbert Hoover, who was not a Democrat. On Earth 2, Franklin Roosevelt signed the Hoot - Smalley tariff, which led immediately to Al Franken becoming Representative Bachmann's Senator. I presume this bill restricted the import of British comedies, causing the pound to plummet and PBS to wait until the 1960's to be invented. The tariff wasn't good enough, smart enough, and nobody liked it, so Earth 2 experienced the Great Depression.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

President Obama's Mother - in - Law

This guy has a problem with the new President's mother-in-law living in the White House. Apparently, this means the President is going to be henpecked because of all the old lady cooties spewing about the place with his wife's mother present. Now, why does a guy who describes himself as a 'caveman' have a problem with someone living with his wife's mother? I can only presume it's because Mr. Caveman doesn't treat his wife all that well, and really objects to anyone else's wife having an advocate close by?

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Resolutions:

1. Finish one knitting project per month, and one needlepoint or cross stitch project every two months.

2. Pay off the revolving Amex and pay considerably down on the other big credit card.

3. Cook something at least three nights per week and take my lunch four days per week.