Friday, December 11, 2009

"Inside Catholic" once again announces Women Stink

Once again "Inside Catholic" publishes an article devoted to the most important element in Christianity -- the idea that Women Suck.

In this article, the writer discusses how she learned to submit to her husband's desire to own a motorcycle and take it on an extremely dangerous drive. Now, please note that this isn't part of Superhubby's job, it's just something the old boy does for fun. Several thousand dollars worth of fun, but just fun. The writer learns that her husband needs to spend thousands of dollars and risk his life because, well, he's man and men need this.

Now, I have no real issue with people who have expensive hobbies, but Hubby here ignores his wife's pleas and quite legitimate concerns about his safety for his own recreation. Because the author is a Catholic, she submits to Hubby's idiocy with zero expectation that she'll get anything in return. This is the most perfect explanation of why complementarianism is an evil doctrine. She'll never get to spend that much money on herself; she'll never get to indulge her desire for, well, anything.

Complementarians assert that women get as much out of their deal as men do, but they lie. This woman's husband is never going to allow her to have an expensive hobby. Her desires will never be considered; it's always his. He gets his motorcycle and she gets nada, because she's a woman and no man could possibly be expected to listen to her useless babble. No woman ever says anything interesting; her interests are worthless hobbies far less significant that televised sports or expensive motorcycles. Men just have to learn to endure women.