Thursday, January 19, 2017

Resolutions for the Trump Era

1.  I will not suggest that he is somehow not actually the President.  He is formally entitled to the office under the rules established for that office.  I will, at the same time, continue to note that those rules were made up in the 18th century as a way of preserving the power of slaveowners at the expense of everyone else.  Furthermore, I will not suggest or support any suggestions that we redo the elections because of possible foreign interference, Trump's own extraordinary conflicts of interest and general incompetence.  The Constitution has a procedure for removing Presidents once they take office.  If the facts warrant removal, then follow those rules.  If not, then we defeat him at the polls.  Trump lost the popular vote by a large margin and is historically unpopular.  We work with those things.  

2. I will not share or otherwise publicize obviously fake or poorly-sourced news stories about his alleged salacious activities.  Mostly because his policies start at catastrophic and go on up to mass-extinction-event level; paraphrasing the great Molly Ivins, he's going to screw enough people in office so we don't need to worry about who he's screwing after hours.  (On the Pee-Pee Tape: his kink is gross but so long as everyone was willing and of age, it's none of my business.  It shows an arrogant disregard for the poor maids who had to clean up after him, but other than that no one should care.). 

3.  I will not criticize his family unless they insert themselves into policy making.  I will never criticize Melania's or Ivanka's looks or aesthetic choices as a backhanded way of attacking him.  To the extent possible I will completely ignore their existence.  

4. I will not cut off anyone of my actual friends because they supported him.  They were wrong, but unless I have concrete evidence that they supported Trump because they hate dark-skinned people or women, they get the benefit of the doubt.  I will not let Cheeto Mussolini prevent me from sharing my friends' lives, especially their vacation and baby pictures.  I am not denying myself their music, art, recipes, and jokes because the rest of the country elected a buffoon.  

5. Most importantly, I will never share or endorse any ridicule directed at Trump voters who will suffer under his horribly policies.  That guy who disliked Obamacare but loved the ACA needed help, not abuse.  The Republican Party treated Obama's policies like Cotton Mather treated witches -- as means to obtain power by lying. That people who don't have the privileges that I do to check on such things fell for it reflects on the liars and not their victims.  I will do whatever I can to help these people, including explaining how Democratic polices are better for them than Republican ones.  

6. Finally, I will not give up andI will not stop opposing him and his evil policies.  Someone suggested that wanting the President to fail is like wanting the pilot on my airplane to fail.  If the pilot announced that he was going to fly the plane into the ground, damn straight I want him to fail.  I want everyone who can to work to stop him,  Same here.  His policies, such as they are, are all horrible.  They need to be stopped.  

The next four years are going to be at best trying and, well, I'm not going to say what the worst will be.  I have to believe that we're better than this and that we can inspire our fellow citizens to correct this mistake as soon as possible.  

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James Wimberley said...

Pretty sound, to this non-American sympathiser.
The Todd Beamer analogy is striking. It's not exact, because in the Flight 93 situation you do anything at all to fight the hijackers, assuming you have the bottle for it. It is a real question for the Resistance to Trump how far you go. It will depend on what he does, not what he says.